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Celebrants with Style

Celebrants with Style

Thank you to Ros – our guest blogger from ‘Colours and Style’

How to revamp your wardrobe.
Spring is a great time to consider that wardrobe clean out.
5 top reasons why

  1. It will be easier to choose attractive and professional looking outfits
  2. You will save money.
  3. You may have less clothes and more outfits to wear
  4. You will look more professional and attractive
  5. You will be able to create a more stylish wardrobe.

As an image consultant I find that revamping my clients closets using the colour system helps immensely to design a functional and stylish wardrobe.
A great investment is to have your colours done. You’re outfits will be smart, ageless, stylish and attractive on you.
Having outfits in your colours only is the best way to dress. It will eliminate the whole drab and dull look that is often hard to avoid.
This way you will always find it will be so much quicker and easier to put together a look that is professional and attractive. You will have the confidence you need on the job.
You don’t want to have the stress of what to wear on the morning of the wedding event. It will be so much easier to be prepared and to find lots of outfits you feel comfortable in. You will feel more confident if you look the part. You also will find you will get more appointments if you look more professional and attractive. Most celebrants are chosen on their appearance.
The secret to your image success is always colour. Many people believe that black is chic, stylish and it goes with everything. Unfortunately this is not the case. Many people look drab, tired and older in black. Not a good look when you are conducting a wedding ceremony. If black is not your colour avoid black and eliminate it completely from your wardrobe. You will find colour far more refreshing. Another powerful tip is to avoid warm colours. They are also very aging on EVERYONE. Colours like peach and apricot. They may be pretty colours, but not pretty on you.
Sort your garments in groups. Pants, tops, skirts, dresses etc.Also group colours together. This makes choosing much easier as well.
Put outfits together and take photos on your camera or post your outfits to your personal pinterest page for easy reference.
Try changing the outfits up with different jewelry or shoes, jackets or coats.
For more information about colour and style contact Your Colours and style: www.yourcoloursandstyle.com. au or call 0413875471

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