About Us

About Us

profilepic.crop_-286x300When I was in my early twenties, I wasn’t even remotely familiar with the term ‘marriage  celebrant’. However, a little twirl of fate led me to meeting Justice Lionel Murphy in the early 70’s and by May 1974 I was appointed as one of the early marriage celebrants in Australia.

Lionel Murphy’s vision was to provide marrying couples with a meaningful alternative to the traditional forms of marriage ie religious institutions and Registry weddings. In 1973 the new Marriage Celebrant Program was launched and the first celebrant appointed.

In these early days, there were only a handful of celebrants around the country, some of these wonderful people have remained my dearest friends, others have sadly passed. What bound us together was that we all shared a great passion – to develop a personally rewarding, deeply meaningful marriage ceremony for each of our couples.

As the years have passed, my passion has not diminished but these days it is focussed on the celebrant industry in a far more holistic way. My vision is to inspire, educate, challenge and uphold good, professional celebrants in their careers.

Service to others is really service to self. I’m going to be honest and say that one of the main reasons I developed the eCelebrants website is because it fills me with pride to see our celebrants succeed.