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Hello all celebrants,

eCelebrant will be closing down due to inactivity. For those people who have a profile here you are very welcome to keep on using this till the website will be taken down. If this causes any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Page.

Thank you.

Help Videos & Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this important information and watch these helpful videos before you proceed. Please note that the Help Videos will be updated on the weekend of 12/13th March.

How To Register

How To Add A Listing 

Once you have completed the process of registration – you will receive an email with login details. This PDF explains How to edit your page

Very Important – Please read the following points carefully before you start:

1. Please write only your name in the title box, for example: ‘Carol Astbury’. Why? Because the permalink is important – it is the link to your individual page.

2. Please check the size of your photographs before attempting to upload them to your page. If they are too big they will not load and an error message will appear. Ideal size for photographs is approximately 400 pixels by 400 pixels. Up to 800 should be okay. If you don’t have ‘Paint’ you could try one of these free programs off the Internet:
Or resize your image online
If all else fails ask a ‘young’ friend!

3. Select a portrait photo of yourself (head and shoulders) as the ‘featured image’.

4. Use the editing tools on your page to reduce the size of each photo (click on the photo once you have uploaded it to your page and editing tools will appear above the photo). Add a short line near the photos: ‘Click to enlarge’. Why? Because the photo MAY look distorted on your editing page – but when the page is viewed live on the website and the photo is clicked on a very nice slider will appear and all the photos will display really nicely. Check my test page to see what I mean …http://ecelebrants.com.au/item/carol-astbury/

5. Choosing the location for your services:
Firstly, select your state of residence in which you offer celebrancy services.
Secondly, select the locations within the state of residency.
Thirdly, if you do not see a location listed with your state of residency, you may add a new location within that state.
ECelebrants request that all our celebrants please refrain from adding locations in which you do not normally deliver services. Research has confirmed that clients seeking a celebrant will go to a location search first to find a celebrant nearby.


You are welcome to ask a question or make a comment – just go to the CONTACT page, type your question or comment and we will respond as soon as possible.