Words of Wisdom from Father to Daughter

Famous last words of wisdom from the Bride’s Father

  • “The first moment I saw her in her wedding gown – she radiated such beauty and joy – I thought my heart had skipped a beat.”
  • “Flooding my mind were images of the little girl, her tiny hand in mine – her first day at school – the day she lost her first tooth.”
  • “I hope he (new husband) knows what he’s got himself in for – seriously, you have grown into an amazing young woman – just make sure you keep reminding him of that.”
  • “My little girl in white satin and lace – the day has come to let you go and watch you shine.”
  • “You are the richest blessing your Mother and I ever received. No longer our little girl but our pride and joy.”

Do you remember what your father said to you?


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